About Us

ZiAAS was founded to design and support the best IT solutions for your business.

Since 2014, ZiAAS has been helping organizations optimize their efficiency through innovative IT strategy and solutions. We have worked with clients across diverse industry sectors. 

We have continued to expand into new businesses, leveraging the latest technologies and learned skills along the way. In turn, this has helped us to deliver products and services quickly, while empowering our customers to maximize their potential.

In October 2017 ZiAAS grew as a company when we joined forces with Aryane Computers to harness their reseller prowess. The complementary strengths from both businesses are centered around three core functions; Managed Services, Professional Services and a Value Added Reseller Arm.

As well as retaining the shared cultures from both companies, ZiAAS aims to continue expanding our operations, meeting compliance requirements and fulfilling social responsibilities based on our fundamental values.

  • We respond efficiently to our customers’ requirements
  • We constantly reflect the new developments in technology
  • We continually pursue originality and innovation