Workplace Productivity

We know that keeping up with the ever-evolving technological landscape is crucial to the success of any business.

SharePoint Consultancy

The challenge of modifying SharePoint to a specific organisation’s needs, deploying and maintaining organisation-wide can be tricky.

  • Get the most from the platform
  • Experience easier collaboration with external users in extranet scenarios
  • Enable governance to avoid the risks of sprawl and ensure policy support
  • Utilise the records and rights management to best effect
  • Get expert support as and when needed

Build your Digital Enterprise with ZiAAS

An ever-growing mobile workforce means our approach to workplace productivity is to connect three key business assets: information, people and applications. Our workplace solutions help organisations give employees the tools and support they need to increase productivity and performance in or out of the office.

To deliver tailored workplace solutions that really work, we at ZiAAS invest time into understanding the current user experience, your organisation’s future needs and business objectives. We know that keeping up with the ever-evolving technological landscape is crucial to the success of any business.

Windows 10 Readiness Assessment

To ease your transition to Windows 10, ZiAAS has developed our Windows 10 Readiness Assessment. This provides an in-depth understanding of your current desktop environment and application portfolio making the preparation process for Windows 10 deployment a seamless process.

  • Increase efficiency through smoother working practices
  • Enable IT to spend less time on day to day tasks
  • Ensure greater data and user safety
  • Understand licensing requirements
  • Enhance desktop management and reporting

Business Transformation

Our Business Transformation services help organisations manage the challenges of today’s complex technology marketplace along with any changes to business priorities. We work collaboratively to develop practical solutions so that your IT department can respond quickly to customer demands across many different scenarios while also providing a stable service.

  • IT Strategy Service
  • IT Service Management
  • IT Strategy and Infrastructure design
  • Project Management and Governance

Network Optimisation

At ZiAAS we understand that a crucial element to any IT system is its network. It needs to run reliably, securely and be quick.
Our network optimisation service will help you understand the challenges your business may face and identify any issues that may be affecting the performance of your network.

    • Quickly get a health assessment of your network
    • Receive prioritized remediation and recommendations
    • Benefit from more productivity with less downtime

Desktop Deployment

ZiAAS’s Desktop Deployment service offers a bespoke plan to ensure a solid, cost-effective deployment. A modern desktop provides IT departments with a level of control, manageability and security to work efficiently while also improving overall productivity.

  • Deploy new workstations without the inconvenient infrastructure
  • Streamline deployment complexities through consolidation of deployment and integrated management solutions
  • Increase speed of deployment
  • Reduce deployment and operating costs

Our objective is to help organisations become more efficient, more flexible, and therefore, more productive.